Playing my 10 Year Old Flash Games (Cringe Warning)

Objavljeno 28. jun. 2020
okay gamers this is my old games
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so i uploaded a video to my main channel
Dani - The History of Dani - Why SLnumber Banned me for 5 Years
and i showed some of my first games and videos. so in this video we're gonna play some of those games and see what they're all about (spoiler: theyre really bad lol)
anyway i hope you enjoy lol thanks for watching!
#Dani #Karlson #MilkGang


  • okay gamers *smash like* and i will *literally drink water*

  • Can yo do a beatbox video

  • How to make a game?

  • I won't download warpath

  • 10 years? NO 11 years? YAS

  • This is pwnd.


  • What is that I hear?

  • R.I.P Adoble Flash

  • oj gang:milk is bad milk gang:oj is bad dani:SHUT SHUT SHUT SHUT

  • I love how u talked crap about every game but after the recording u probably realised how dumb u were 😂

  • Make a remastered version of those game.... Or u can't do that

  • When Dani stops at 149 on Clicker Game 2 TRIGGERED 😡😡😡

  • Sad you can not play your old flash games in 2021

  • Recreate these games (or you cant do that?)

  • "I've never used auto clicker"

  • 0:02 so this is where the community got cursed face of dani noice.

  • auto clicker?

  • U have 6,9k Comments

  • use the auto clicker on the gun game

  • Dani: *thinks that 1000 clicks is hard* Me: stfu i've clicked millions of times. Way more painfull

  • 10 years ago dani didnt even use unity particle system CRINGE

  • Make a cannel of all videos of Dani 1&2 but clean edit or can't do that

  • 3:52 This is how Dream learnt Minecraft PvP😂

  • what up gamers oh fu*k


  • Use- a auto clicker dumb ass

  • You should try to remake your zombie game

  • Has nobody noticed that the score in the thumbnail says 69?

  • Hi im i big fan ffan fan pog how how wow ow ow ow wwow wo wow wow wow wow wow your i true gamer amd im i true gamer too and i liked your bideos videos and the song is good and hiw is your editing good and how is your games

  • dani jitter clicker

  • Epic beatbox timelapse

  • another title for the video: Clicking all day all night

  • 3:48 dani invented cookie clicker

  • bro where can i play?

  • 5:09 ANTICHEAT 100

  • I feel like you stoped makeing

  • nobody noticed that in the thumbnail the score is 69 likes

  • i am 10 years old.....

  • 9:26 eeeeyyyyy

  • wait dani can beatbox

  • When you said next game i heard next gai couse there was an ad

  • You should remake these games to actually make them a karlson level game

  • Can you send all the links?

  • Remake your old games (or you can’t do that)

  • I made a h~nt@i games when I was 5 yrs old

  • dani is good at beatboxing wow

  • R.I.P Flash :(

  • PWND l9l

  • My ratings Gatorade: I've had better Gamersupp: I'm not a better gamer :/ Milk: OH MY GOSH GIVE ME THAT POWER OH MY GOSH ITS SO FRICKING GOOD!!

  • Møtes?

  • Wait..... I'm i gotta create a game

  • Im older but i still cant do those games

  • rosses are red violet are blue he enjoyed flash so did we

  • Funny game!!

  • I like how the thumbnail says: *Score:69*

  • They would have been a bestseller if you used unity's particle system

  • clicker game fans waiting for clicker game 4 be like:

  • 6:48 dani watching this like: 👁️👄👁️

  • I still have your plant trees game on my moms phone cuz she has a android

  • The Idiot Test is just a remixed the Impossible Quiz, just sayin.

  • Dani don't teach kids about 69ing in ur thumbnail gross mannn

  • dude i swear to god i've played or seen somewere kill the stickman i think on y8 and i really enjoyed playing it as a 7 yr old #give_dani_a_milk_oscar_lmao day 3

  • Flash player is ded

  • Make a remake of that games

  • I'm ready to scream NEXT UBISOFT GAME

  • Karlson Vibe be stalking us the whole time

  • I literally changed my photo to milk

  • rip adobe flash :(

  • How about making those games better?

  • 4:41

  • Bet you can't remake some of these games

  • dani:makes vid also dani:adds KARLSON VIBE in the background

  • Anybody notice how he had Karlson vibe in the background? What a legend

  • KARLSON VIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • If game :

  • Woah you should remake one of these

  • Uh u could have put auto clicker

  • Nice thumbnail

  • 5:51 you should've 360 noscope him to respect the year

  • Dat beatbox is so.... GOOD

  • 2nd one is like kick the buddy

  • ÷( my name is dani÷(

  • ...

  • dani is 20 years old use maf

  • Use an autoclicker

  • You have made so many boring games

  • Nobody: Future Dani: just use an autoclicker Present Dani: thank you future dani

  • me: i drinked orange jui dani:SHUT!SHUT!

  • Nice beatboxing

  • The game:* looks at dani and his 46 extra clicks* Dani: DUMB NERD Dani from the past: you know more than me your older me Dani: oh uh, WELL I LIKE MILK AND IM MORE THIC

  • I played his stick figure game were you torture the stick figure

  • I was born when he started creating wow

  • Dani after winning his own quiz: *My genius is... It's almost frightening*

  • ya boi be driving a ford explorer

  • lol karlsonvibe in the background

  • Cringe intro dude

  • _🦍_ *anyone interested to know how to do it?*

  • mobile game players be like 3:18