Am I Quitting Youtube?

Objavljeno 13. jan. 2021
okay gamers i answer your question (totally not clickbait)
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  • f

  • He sounds and looks like itsfundy

  • F

  • 4:17 ur cringe lol

  • f

  • I’d like to see Dani react to some of the level speedrun for KARLSON. They are insane.

  • Carlson vr

  • What is the drill?!

  • I am scared

  • F

  • Devbolg????


  • Wow that was really cool

  • i love when dani puts on his glasses he seems like a brand new person

  • If you don't know what the drill is its in 3d amo- SHUT SHUT SHUT SHUT SHUT

  • 2020 dani don't like orange juice 2021 Dani like orange juice

  • They called dani the one inch wonder at school

  • 1:20 f in the chat for f

    • Also, use newgrounds player if they were on newgrounds

  • 6:26 ok waiting for 2069

  • What's the drill

  • Idea make milkman karlson better and more weapons and more levels and make karlson solid and not jelly

  • karlson vibe will come and get you...

  • I love billy

  • 6:25 ITS COMING 2069???

  • F for adobe flash :(

  • F

  • Karlson 2

  • Me:hmmmmm Milk gang: put your hand up Dani: oh i fricked up Orange juice is disgusting

  • Petition to add Karlson on mobile for android *and* apple devices

  • 7 sec for "wow that was really cool" go to 10 sec pls

  • What is the drill?

  • F

  • F Flash Player

  • 8:07 he didn't say what karlson is

  • 6:23 Guy: What's the Drill? Genie: There is 5 rules

  • Billy must surrender his soul

  • You do not look alive

  • Wow that was pretty cool

  • random dude: hey is it just me or is that oj looking kinda- person he was talking to: what is it? random dude: i was expecting something person he was talking to: like wha- dani out of freaking no where: SHUT.....SHUT SHUT SHUT

  • F

  • whats the drill in among us 3D

    • We dont speak about the drill around these corners


  • F

  • f

  • :o

  • Pocket

  • He said he like orange juice

  • Here in 2021, dani never quit yt

  • Oh u still on utube

  • 3:15 explains karlson 3:54 5:50

  • Don't quik from YT dani.Don't give up.maybe many people say your game is bad, believe your game is not lie.from your fans,MVP8....

    • @MVP8 Just learn how to write and do some research before commenting.. okay bye now have a great day my friend who now hates me

    • @MineDog just shut up

    • @MineDog iniw

    • @MVP8 and now you say i now instead of know

    • Just shut up

  • 4:12 dani is OJ gang confirmed????

  • orange juice is healthy i dn't know why you said it is not good before

  • Don't pause here 3:56 and 5:52

  • Bruh I thought it was called last week I milked you

  • 6:25 Nice.

  • lol

  • There should be the day of the thick milk.

  • whats the drill

    • We dont speak about the drill around these corners

  • I drinked milk and i punched my fridge and then i didnt feel enything

  • f

  • 6:32: **exists** My headphones: 💀

  • 6:25 look down to the right 😢😢😢😢

  • Oof

  • the pickaxe texure is wrong

  • 4:05 i feel betrayed

  • Noooo I just found youuuu!!! Don't leave me!!

  • f

  • You can’t make me shut

  • f

  • The drill?

  • So, what about the drill?

  • Random youtuber:doesn't upload a video for a week All their subscribers:their dead

  • I only like Billy because you can torture him

  • Billy is the best

  • F

  • why the frick did you say that oj is good? thats just *cringe*

  • I just saw three hours ago video

  • I love billy

  • F

  • F ... Wait maybe Billy just destroy some part of OJ gang and...em

  • no

  • What is the Drill??

  • Day 6 telling Dani to do "YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE "

  • F

  • What’s the drill

  • mr. streamer man calling karlson a ghostrunner copy made me a Lil angy >:l


  • if you don't like Billy because he drink orange juice but orange juice is good now and you said it yourself so u cring

  • 💚💙💚💙💚💚💚💙💚❤💚💙💜💚💙💜💚❤💙💚💜💙💚💜💙💚❤💙💚💞💙💙💜🧡💙💜🧡💜💙🧡💜💙🧡❤💙💚💜💙🧡💜💙🧡💜💙🧡💜💙🧡❤💙🧡❤💙💚❤💙🧡❤💙🧡💙❤❤💙💚💚🇧🇦💙💚💙❤💚💙❤💚❤💙💚❤💙💚💜💙🧡❤💙🧡💙❤💚💜💙🧡❤💙🧡💜💙💚💙💜🧡❤💙🧡💜💙🧡💜💙🧡💜💙🧡💙💜🧡💜🧡💜💙🧡💙❤🧡💜🧡💙🧡💙💜🧡💜💙🧡💜💙🧡💙💜🧡💜💙🧡💙💜🧡💜💙💚❤💙🧡💙💜🧡💙💜🧡💙💜🧡💜💙💜🧡💜💙💚❤💙🧡❤💙🧡❤💙🧡💜💙💚💜💙🧡💜💙🧡💙💜🧡❤💙🧡❤💙🧡❤💙🧡❤💙🧡❤💙❤💙💚💙❤🧡❤💙🧡❤💙🧡❤💙🧡❤💙🧡💙🧡💜💙🧡💜💙🧡💙🧡💜💙🧡💙🧡💙🧡💜💙🧡💙💜🧡💜💙🧡💜💙🧡💜💙💚💙💚💙🤎💙💙💛🤎💙💚💙💙💚💙💚💙❤🧡💙❤💚💙❤🤎💙💛💛💙💞💓❤💙💓💙💜🧡💙💜💙❤🤎💙💛💜💙💛💜💙💓💜💙🤔💓💙💛💓🤎💛💙❤❤🤍💚❤🤍💛🤍❤❤🇦🇲💙💚❤💙💚💙💛💙💚💙🧡💜💚🧡💜💙💛💙❤❤💙💙💛💛🤎🧡💙🧡💙💙💜💚💙❤💛🤎💚💙💜🧡❤💙💚💙💚💙💚💛🤎💚❤🧡❤🧡💜💙🧡💛🤎🧡❤💙💚❤💙💜💙💚💛🤎💜💙💚💜💙💚💛💙💜🧡💙🤎💛💚❤💚💙❤💚❤💙💙💜💙💚💙💜💚💙💜💙🧡💜💙🧡💜💙💚💙💜🧡💜💙🧡💙💜🧡💚💙💚💙💚💙💜💚❤💙💚💙💜🧡💙💚💙💚💜💙🧡💜💙🧡💜💙💚💚💚❤💙💚💜💙💚💜💙🧡💙💚💙💜💚💚❤💙💚💙💚❤💙💚❤💙💚💙💚💙❤💚💙❤🧡💙💚❤💙💚💙💜🧡💙❤🧡💙❤💚💙💚❤💙💚💙💚❤💙💚💚💙💚❤💙💚❤💙💚❤💙💚❤💙💚❤💙💚💜💙❤💙💚💙💚💙❤💚❤💙💚💙❤💚💚💚❤💙💚💚💙💚❤💙💚💙💙❤💚💙💜🧡💙❤🧡💙💙🧡💙💙💙❤💙💙💙❤💙💙💙💜🧡💜💙💚💙💚💜💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💙💙💚🤍🤍🤍💚💙🤍🤍💚🤍💙🤍💙🧡💚💙🤍💚💚💙🤍💚🤍💚🤍💚🤍💚🤍🧡🤍🤍💚🤍🧡🤍🧡🤍🤍💙💜🤍💙💙💙💚💙🧡💙💙🤍💚🤍💚💙💙🤍💚💙🤍💙🧡💕💙🤍💚💙💚🤍💚💚💙💜🧡💙🧡❤💙🧡💙🤍💚💙🧡💙💚❤💙💚🤍💚💙🧡💙💚💙🧡🤍💚🧡💙🧡🧡💜💚💙💜💚💙💜💙💚💜💙💚💜💙💚💙💜🧡💙💜🧡💜💙🧡💜💙🧡💙💚💙💜🧡💙💜💛💜💙💛💜💙💓💚💙💜🧡💙💜🧡💙💜🧡💙❤🧡💙💜❤💙💚💚💜💙❤💚💙❤❤💙💙❤💙💚💙🧡💜💙🧡💙🧡💙🧡💙💙❤💙❤❤💙💙❤💙❤❤💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💙🧡💙❤🧡💙❤💚❤💙💚💙❤💚💙💜💚💜💙💚💙🧡💙💜🧡💙🧡💙💜🧡💜🧡💙💜🧡💙💜🧡💜💙💙🧡💙💜🧡💜💙💚🤍💚🤍🧡💜💙💚💙💚💚🤍🧡💜💙🧡💙🧡💙💙💚🧡💙💚💙💚💙💜🧡💜💙🧡💜💚🧡💙💜🧡💙💜💙💜💙💙🧡🧡🧡💚💜💚🤍💚💙💙💙🧡🧡💙🧡💙💚💙💜💙💜💙🧡💜💙🧡💚💜🧡💜💙🧡💜💙💙💜🧡💙🧡🧡💙💜💙🧡💚💜💚💙💛💚💙💛❤💙💛🤔💜💛❤💜🤔💙💛💙💛💚💙💛💚💜💛🤔💙💛💙💛💚💙💛💚💙💛💚💙💚💛💙💚💙💚💙💛💚💙💛💚💙💚💛💙💛💚💙💛💚💙💛💚💙💚💛💙💛💚💙💛💚💙💛💚💙💛💚💙💙💛💚💙💓💓💚💙🤔💙💚💓💙💓💚💙💚💓💙💛💚💙💓💚💙💚💙💛💚💙💜💓🧡💓💚💙💓💚🧡💓💚🧡💓💜🧡💜💓🧡💓💜💙💓💚💙💚💙💓💚💙💚🤍💜💚💙🤍💜💛💙🤍❤🤍💓💙💜💓💙💓💙💚💓💙💓💜💙💙💙💓💚💙💓💚💙💙💚💙💓💚💙💚💓💙💚💓💙💓💚💙💓💚💙💓💚💙💚💓💙💜💓💙

  • u

  • i made 600 alt it took me 3 days but 600 more whislists

  • F

  • Billy is mt Y bro cuz my character is a robot and i have a friedn tgat could slap u and karlson

  • You do know you’re just already did the face reveal before everybody could talk about it

  • 1m wiews

  • Call this series : my mom make milked me a month ago. Then you can call it mmmm MAMA!

  • F

  • Funfact : Mani means C#m in my country and I'm not joking

    • @Ink_Sans XD none( so you malay or indonesian won't stop spamming in this comment