He Stole my Game and Changed the Name...

Objavljeno 18. avg. 2020
okay gamers this is not very cool
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0:00 - Memes & milk
7:20 - Stolen game
➤ Music by Neo Nomen!
➤ Outro music by Evan King!
Milkman Karlson gameplay by JELlegendz:
So this happened like 2 months ago, some dude stole my game, changed the name and the UI, and tried making money off my game. anyway i contacted apple and they helped me take the game down, so we chillin
i dont know why people keep stealing my games, like bruh can you not? lmao
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  • karlson will be released when the drill is explained

  • 4:56 POV: you stole dani’s bobux

  • 1:13

  • Why don't you try to make a 1D game? Or can u not do that

  • You cant make a drill game in 10m

  • You cannot make a 2d shooter game with A LOT of Beans And milk

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  • Fall beans

  • Make a game on scratch (or you can't do that?)

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  • Add scopes in Karl’s on (or you can’t do that)

  • camera: this wall looks more human then that giraffe


  • I mean at least it was on Apple??

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  • When will his game will be available for purchase cause he’s talking about it from a long time.

    • Right now


  • When is Karlson 3D coming out?

  • Wow that was really cool

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  • milkman karlson isn't on the app store anymore :(

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  • I'm still waiting for the tutorial on Unity's particle system

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  • Dani:Dont steal games from other people Also dani:Maked a fall guys copy

  • Anyone notice that moment when the Ogga bogga looks like it's holding the gun?

  • It's time for unity's particle system

  • Tonk

  • do a 2d street fighter type fighting game (or you can't do that)

  • Who else got a unity particle ad...

  • Camera be like: hmm nice wall

  • anywhere I go I see among us

  • You can't add nice air control ur game cause unity sucks at that

  • When Dani asked us to wishlist but he didn't even wishlist it himself

  • Karlson vr

  • 2:23 Is It Just Me Or This Pack Lookin Kinda F I L I P I N O

  • Bruh tutorial

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  • Dani: I used unity’s particle system with EVERY GAME AHHHHHHHHHHHHH


  • Who noticed that Dani is wearing shirt with Evan King's name

  • Hey guys is it weird that I didn't know this existed XD (I mean the game OK)

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  • 4:53 oooga booga with a gun

  • u actually said sudoku right

  • Release karlson (or can you) ps.never mention the drill

  • Oh wow... how could I fall for that basic clickbait.. I just wasted my time. I actually thought this video would include more than a reddit post...

  • stop making him do games let him finish karlson

  • Add scopes to karlson or you cant do that....

  • fall guys didn't steal dani character