They Used MY FACE in a Mobile Game Ad??

Objavljeno 23. okt. 2020
okay gamers this is not okay....
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  • *smash subscribe or i use your face in an ad* also check out twitch

  • before we start i'd like to thank our sponsor... *Unity's particle sistem, a great sistem to-*

  • I dont like milk but I respect

  • your game is more wishlistd than untitled goose game

  • *Q*

  • I'm allergic to milk :(

  • dani don't look at me because im drink coke while watching you

  • without the glasses it would actually be milk eyes

  • Make a flight sim (or can't do that?)


  • 7:45 i laughed so hard lol

  • Billions of years ago a bang came from nowhere that started life within the universe as we know it. That bang was made in Unity’s particle system.

  • When you ask Dani if he wants to help dev a game but you get no response:

  • Send the drill

  • guess what, i wishlisted karlson on steam, drink milk, not talked about the drill, and using unity's particle system :D

  • do it

  • 5:07 the avatar has returned

  • But the first one, who sucked his mic was Steven Schuto from the Channel "Space Frogs"

  • HIM I made it i am a avenger

  • Is dani danish his Steam curency is kr wicht is used in Denmark ???

  • milk

  • Why you don't try make a 1D game. Or you can't do that lol.

  • Wth blake

  • Dani: I'mma send the drill after you The devs: *Panik*

  • Haven't you heard of Karlson? Its only the 20th most wishlist game on steam. Wishlist it now so we can get to the number 1 spot Gamers

  • 0:57 The food expires by the time it gets past his throat.

  • Noone could break the bones of anyone of the dani gang, since everyone likes milk in it


  • 11:09 snez

  • Q

  • #floor gang

  • Me who likes Milk and orange juice :😢👌

  • Wow that was really cool.

  • 8:45 for thumbnail, thank me later

  • You CANT remake terraria

  • 0987654321

  • hey guys whats up with the d r i l l?

  • Dani got rick rolled lol!

  • Karolson the rising of milk


  • POV: you are looking for a comment that is time of the dani reacts stolen game

  • 6:18 my friend choked on his phones mic

  • I EAT MILK 🥛

  • Lololololololol

  • All.I got to say is hi

  • The name of the fake among us game is among them 3D among us (Welcome)

  • Make a game using only unitys particle system (or you cant do that)

  • Dani can you pray for me my mom will not let me get milk 🥛

  • Dani2 Dani2 Dani2 Dani2 Dani2 Dani2 Dani2 Dani2 Dani2 Dani2 Dani2 Dani2 Dani2 Dani2 Dani2 I hope this work

  • FunFact: the app that used danis clips is called 3damongus

  • FunFact: the app that used danis clips is called 3damongus

  • Giraffe guy

  • amogus

  • you dare and click bait me child

  • Can I get a heart because I wishlisted Karlson on Steam.


  • I’m not getting karlson

  • I would call youtube a clown, but that would be an insult to clown kind

  • We need the lore behind the drill..

  • When you get ads saying “get among us for free! Just got download this!” And its a fake version. When among us is already free (on some platforms)

  • Hi im i big fan ffan fan pog how how wow ow ow ow wwow wo wow wow wow wow wow your i true gamer amd im i true gamer too and i liked your bideos videos and the song is good and hiw is your editing good and how is your games good

  • Everytime I try to reply to dani's comment this pops up UCzmtKpQQyZ-9ZNY_bbFtVHw like wtf?

  • No one : Dani's Drill : Why am I so famous?

  • I don’t drink milk but I HATE orange juice and drink milkshakes sooo am I accepted to milk gang

  • What about the drill

  • I just drank a gallon of milk

  • Orange juice is better than milk

  • Wow that was really cool 👍🏼

  • Unity's partical system go brrr

  • Every single parent of headphones I get break

  • His neck secret is MILK

  • among them 3D among us free that's the name of the game where they used his footage :)

  • i wishlist karlson on steam

  • Wehn I was a kid I drank Milk and no water

  • Pls don’t hate me for this but I like orange juice 🥤🥤🥤🥤🥤

  • Damn that Q be looking good though

  • 10:07 they just copied the game Assassin

  • I can't wish list karlson on steam because I don't have it I tried to make an account failed So I hacked and now I can play on karlson on app I made

  • Milk gang go bbbrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Why not make a 2 d game (or you cant do that)

  • Dani: we don't talk about the drill here also Dani: iMmA sHoVe ThE dRiLl In YoUa FaCe SuCkA!!!!!!

  • wow dat was rly cool

  • I'm in orangemilk gang

  • Once I searched for Dani the milk gang leader and found your SLnumber channel when wowww

  • What meme was 5:22 ?

  • 5:33 It means You don't Have good Modeling skill So You Closed the face with the glasses 🐄🍶

  • I like Orange Juice * Dani searching the negative heart option *

  • Dani should make a discord bot

  • Dani what about the drill

  • Are you swedish

  • Among them 3d

  • How is apex ranked 16 on most wish listed even though its a free game

  • Q oml i did wrong the whole time

  • Coco milk?

  • carrot juice gang is cool

  • That ad is really Lithuanian I can't even believe that but that Lithuanian text is thick

  • I downloaded your milkman game and its so awesome keep updating it:)

  • why you don't make a 3d game in game jam (or u can't do that)...

  • I watched this drinking milk ngl

  • [K A R L O N V I B E]