Youtube Shadow-Banned Me?

Objavljeno 17. feb. 2021
okay gamers this was not cool smash like to pay respects
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  • smash subscribe or youtube ban you



  • Dani Dont now who Berd is

  • what is the drill

  • What is the Drill?

  • Why is the drill a thing?

  • Wow that was really cool! Wow that was really cool! Wow that was really cool! Wow that was really cool! Wow that was really cool! Wow that was really cool! Wow that was really cool! Wow that was really cool!

  • bro when he talk about karlson or unity particle system I fucking die😂

  • Why the drill

  • Probably cause you won't stop saying your mom

  • Wow that was realy cool

  • what about the drill ❓❔

  • wow that was really cool

  • I know your pain I have a long neck too...

  • Why can't you make a nintendo switch game?

  • We don’t talk about the drill here” Dani-2020

  • What's the drill?😁

  • I made it so i have 90% volume. My ears exploded 1 secound later he said You DOnT NK0W WhaT KaRlSon iS??

  • "Karlson is released on [censo- Steam

  • 4:11 you didnt upvote dani.....

  • the karlson book i have read it meny times im from danmark so its like sure i know it

  • Ummm ok..... What's the drill.... Looks like I've to change my place now....

  • Title: exists. People that watched danis 1,000,000 subscribers special: confused screaming.

  • 5:24 oh dont forget about karlson

  • Wow that was really cool

  • SLnumber is unsafe. SLnumber got sent to court. SLnumber is now arrested. SLnumber is terminated. Good plan.

  • I legit loved that book as a kid

  • Uh oh

  • Hi :)

  • the drill, a bi..... 2 weeks later : news lu1fyy dani fan is dead

  • 4:43 is just going to be just the whole video and it's just dani saying wow that was really cool

  • Is this a copy cat channel

  • Wow that was really cool

  • What’s the drill

  • Wow that was really cool

  • Pause the video on 6:31

  • wow that was really cool

  • Dani neck revel

  • 🤏🏾

  • The drill is ded

  • mega thicc milk boi

  • Wow that was really cool

    • Wow that was really stolen by a verified youtuber

    • Wow that wasent very cool from you

    • Wow that was really cool

    • Wow that was really cool

  • It's not age restricted for me

    • Because your account age is 18+ My account age is also 18+

  • yo whats the drill? i might be in danger

  • WoW that was really cool


  • E

  • wow that was really cool

  • You should call your self gani because garaffie and Dan I g and dzne

  • 6:39 cursed dani


  • what happened to the drill?

  • wow that was really cool

  • At 6:40, Cursed dani was born

  • 0:00 R.I.P. Headphone Users.

  • Wow thats really cool

  • what is the drill?

    • @babaskarma which is why i need to know what it is!

    • well, we dont speak about the drill in these places...


  • ř

  • What about the drill

  • what is the drill?

  • im from the future. this is coming 3:59

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  • du er en dansker det er mega nice

  • Yeah I stopped seeing you on my recommended...

  • 1:44 im glad im not the only one who cant watch it

  • WhAtS tHe DrIlL?????

  • What about drill •́ ‿ ,•̀

  • Where is the drill Edit-pls don't kill me

  • what is about the drill?

  • Guys😍what is that drill🤷‍♂️

  • Dani whats about the drill lets talk about it.

  • 6:40 there's the picture

  • 5:40 wtf is wrong with him


  • What is the drill

  • Bill shit licke this maske me won’t to switch ro twich

  • Dani whats the drill?

  • wow that was really cool

  • Dani: “u..u- Mom: “oh my god, he’s about to say his first word!” Dani: *”UNITYS* *PARTICLE* *SYSTEM”*

    • no it’s pronounced ‘ *T* *H* *I* *C* *C* *.* ‘

    • more like: THICKKKKK

  • Wow that was really cool

  • Wow that was really cool

  • So , what about the drill?

  • RIP headphone users when dani explain what karlson is

  • *w h a t i s t h e d r i l l*

  • i talked about the drill


  • person:whats the drill ab- dani:SHUTSHUTSHUT also person:uno reverse

  • im writing this weird bc youtube dont like this comment btw. smhow me nxt rcomnded vdio is amog us in 3d

  • 0:15 when I grab a snack and it was loud DANI JUST SAID SHUT IN A PERFECTLY TIMING thx dani

  • Hey Dani, what about the drill?

  • 1:33

  • what drill?

  • whats the drill

  • yo dani what's the drill?

  • Wait a minute ... he talking about the drill...

  • What's the drill?

  • Your age restricted video was probably is blood

  • Wow that is really cool

  • Sorry,I had to be the 600th dislike.