My New Setup! (Dani Setup Tour 2020)

Objavljeno 11. avg. 2020
okay gamers this is setup 2020 as promised
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I said in the last video that I would do a setup tour if we got 100k likes, so here we are gamers, hope you enjoy this setup reveal tour thing 2020 epic gamer setup not really gamer but yeah pog
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  • smash subscribe or get smashed

  • This is so stupid... I LOVE IT

  • nice set up gamer

  • So dani already had the danibox stuff 7 months ago

  • I see dani couch

  • i was drinking so much milk that it weighed more than your MOM

  • 3:05 wjo wants dani's neck if u have big neck computer go brrrrrr

  • OK...Dani, which is better, intel i9 or ryzen 9

  • He sounds like he broke in someone's house.


  • Fun fact his whole setup and house was made with unity's particle system

  • *Petition to get Dani to grow his beard*

  • the duck name:billy and willy

  • first duck name damani

  • I recommend you to buy a new phone like samsungm62 it's budget and it's cwl

  • Today you wont prpbably change your graphic card. If you still dont have new.

  • ha ha setup go brrrr


  • me at 6:06 before seeing the rubik's stand: cAn I sOlVe ThEm? me after seeing the stand: OH GOD THIS CUBE SUCKS

  • Everytime i try to think of music its just karlson vibe send help

  • Duck 1: Karlson Duck 2: Son of a Karlson

  • samsung galaxy s7 what will it explode

  • dani: "I would definitely recommend this if you're looking for a good, responsive, wireless mouse" me who is looking for a bad, unresponsive, non-wireless mouse: "Damnit!"

  • Names for the ducks: Left Duck: Du, Right Duck: ck

  • Where surface pro i5

  • the ducks should be called hippity - hoppity

  • Hipoty, hopity, isn't that thiccc?

  • Bro, when dani said "its a table" I said the exact thing not knowing he was gonna say it since i havent watched this video yet

  • I have a Samsung galaxy g7:)

  • Billi and willi are the names lol


  • Is this only me? Or the CPU cooler is kinda THICCC

  • You think too much

  • 1:55 its probably cuz its super light

  • You don't buy a phone? (Or you can't?)

  • the duck names: Cany and Funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • You should get a new keyboard that actually has a Windows button on it because you knowI think you're using a Windows computer so I think you should get a Windows keyboard too because I didn't see a Windows logo on that thing

  • Fun fact: The Electronics is for the banana controller video....haha car go vroom vroom whoosh skrrtt boom.

  • DUCK name MILK

  • dani : or i'll smash you my dirty mind : i don't it will be healthy for my heterosexuality

  • Does anyone know what dani does to make his pc look like a Mashup of windows 98 and windows 10

  • What is that keyboard man? Cus I want it...

  • Bŕrrrrrrrrr

  • Lego keyboard

  • 6:18 smash like if u realize that banana controler started 7 months ago or something its 2am and my brain cant do math

  • ding and dong

  • I think the duck must be name unity and unita

  • Thank God he didn't esplod

  • So Dani bought the electronics 7 MONTHS ago and he only uploaded the video now

  • SOO LOUD!!

  • duck names: holy duck and holy duck 2

  • your keyboard represents you 70%milk 29%coding 1%angry

  • why do i want the ducks to be named Billy and Willy

  • Your keyboard doesent exist lol

  • are you gay--- gamer i meant gamer.

    • @Ducktick Dani: What's up Gaymers?!

    • "gaymers" 😳😳😲😲😲🤪😱😱😨

  • Names for ducks: Dani's duck and Dani's duck no.2

  • Jerry

  • I'll gladly take ur gtx 1060 for $200

  • 6:21 is that the audrino kit from his latest video at the other channel ? If it is that it means that he is working on video from 7 months

  • Particle system and blender system for the names

  • y u no have rgb

    • rgb means red green blue and theres some buttons with those colors

  • Plz your outro music

  • He does not have milk on his table😅😅😅😅

  • Wow that was really cool

  • POV: *You are Dani's phone and you didn't smash subscribe*

  • Plot Twist: the dust from the chair was made using *UNITYS PARTICLE SYSTEM*

  • The duck should be thicc and thinn

  • Dani:Has a 9900k Also Dani has a GTX 1060

  • he showed his electronics box and said he will use it for a video and we watched JellyDrift devlog OWO

  • I have same speakers like you, they are Crative T20 !

  • Is your mouse Bluetooth ?

  • I literally have the same chair

  • Unity's duck system lol

  • I think the phone didnt smashed like

  • Give the table some milk.

  • Ducky and Mucky :D

  • name one duck:particles system

  • 3:54 Now I know where the memes come from.

  • 6:20 banna controller

  • 3:55 perfectly cut scream

  • When you accidently put some particles into your chair: your butt: *green particle* 4:43

  • I have that mouse but black

  • Wow that was really cool!

  • 3:53 perfectly cut scream

  • Buy a new freaking phone you dumb thing idiot

  • He old

  • Logitech more like LogiThicc

  • 03:55

  • wow that was very cool! :)

  • Unity’s duck system and karlduck

  • no

  • I literally thought the thumbnail said STUPID tour

  • Dani and Dave The Duck Twins

  • Where is he refrigerator!?

  • nice video dani ,interesting as always

  • E

  • Just saying I had an S7 and it exploded while I was in school.

  • Daniduck and Karlduck go brrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Damn, i just realized he has been working on that banana controller video for 7 months. Good job Dani, really cool.

  • What Microsoft surface did you use