Davie said WHAT About my Milk??

Objavljeno 11. maj. 2020
okay gamers, im shocked davie would say such a thing...
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I cant believe davie said this about milk, but ill forgive him if he makes a public apology and says sorry to me. (this is all just a joke please dont destroy me) also dont drink orange juice, or you are part of orange juice gang, and orange juice gang is just as bad as ceiling gang
#Dani #Karlson #MilkGang


  • *smash subscribe* now or davie steal your milk

  • *I love Orange Juice.*

  • Dani help I can’t drink regular milk because I’m lactose intolerant. I can drink almond milk though

  • but I like milk and orange juice

  • how about you do a last week i milked you(or you can't do that)

  • is it ok if i drink oat milk

  • Prince Philip was orange juice gang

  • I almost drink a orange juice Lucky me I didn't drink it I say to my friend. Friend it's this a orange juice Friend : yes Me : don't drink it

  • Im drinking milk while watching this vid 💪😂

  • I have never drank milk

  • Allergic to cow milk? *DRINK SOY MILK*

  • What if Billy owned generic milk company name, and they are vouchering you by making you break milk. (The prize is lifetime supply of ornge juice) Edit: June 24 2021 (Confirmed)

  • Is it just me or is that like button looking kinda THICC

  • someone: *getting milk from a di-*

  • 4:29 cuber dani?? Look at those cubes wow

  • 2:33 what the f*** is dani is older than my *father* 😂😂

  • well, here you go dani every type of milk Whole Milk. Many Americans opt for whole milk - which is actually 3.25% milkfat by weight - not as much as many people think. ... 2% Milk(Reduced Fat) ... Lowfat Milk. ... Fat Free Milk(Skim Milk) ... Organic Milk. ... Lactose-Free Milk. ... Flavored Milk. ... Raw Milk and the best milk you will ever know T H I C C M I L K

  • I drank orange juice I hated it im milk boi

  • orange juce VS milk yeah...

  • he need some M I L K

  • i driink 12 glases of milk what about that doni

  • Dani: If you don’t drink milk your *C R I N G E* Me: *cries in lactose intolerant*

  • F i just drink milk and am from pilipines and i have a pack of powdered milk and i was thinking about drinking it all.......... HAHAHA POWDERED MILK GO BRRRRRR

  • Milk is my favorite drink ever

  • Milk,choco milk,strawberry milk,banana milk.

  • Sorry, Dani I like orange juice.. 😈

  • I drink orange juice and I gut sick never again

  • I dont like Milk but i like Kakao and shoklet Milk

  • Oj in my Mind : Pee? Milk in my mind : White water ?

  • But I am subbed and I am allergic to milk

  • Dancing intensifies


  • I like the milk with orange juice

  • you meant years!?

  • Billy is a very cute robot.

  • I forgot my milk was empty bc its gone and market close i try get in but its close i pick tomorrow milk is that good 🥺

  • Is it ok if I drink lactaid which is modified milk to make anyone even people who are lactose intolerant able to drink it + it’s 2% creamier

  • Umm I like orange juice and milk if you hate orange juice I'm gonna make a milk orange juice abomination and drink it

  • Whats wrong with pineapples on pizza... But milk on pizza....

  • Huh ez almond milk , galon milk, choccy milk , strabery milk , oreo milk , milk , raw milk , solid milk , and finaly mix milk Comment what your fav

  • It is called the milkyWay bc milk is the way

  • Milkman karlson is just an alternate version of dani, his bone is shrinking because he doesnt drink milk🥛

  • I am lactose intolerant (which means I can't drink milk) but I go out of my way for Dani, to go and get dairy free milk

  • 9:17 Milk THICC MILK

  • I love orange juce. but i just drink milk lol

  • I drank orange juice

  • Teams chocolate milk and milk!!!!!!🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛

  • Is it me or is the like button looking kinda... THICC

  • | | | | \______/

  • | | | | | | | \_______/

  • [B I L L Y V I B E] [W I L L Y V I B E]

  • M E L K

  • 4:30 Lactose intolerant: *am i a joke to you*

  • 83K Likes Almost there.

  • 5:23 What about orange milk

  • dani, name every milk

  • Every one is milk gang because as a baby you drink milk so every one is milk gang

  • Cheese be like milk

  • I drank orange juice while watching this video

  • Is it okay when im drinking cocoa with Milk?

  • I dont like milk davi:🔫I kill you me:soooooooooooooooooo sorrrrrrŕrrry pls ilikeeeeeee 🥛🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🥛🥛🥛🍼

  • Im both orange juice gang and both milk gang. I happen to use milk more because cereal duh.

  • Why is Billy karlson friend of he is oj gang

  • If OJ gang cringe... why even let it still exist

  • Every one drink milk when they were a baby

  • Thicker! 3:36

  • im sad cuz im allergic for milk 6:30 {but i secretly still drink milk with my cereal but not just milk}

  • I am the person who is the avatar I am both milk and oj I am the only being stopping milk from fighting oj

  • I have run out of milk

  • emmm i love the orange juice :)

  • he said what.

  • Add small cartons of milk that when you collect 5, it add up to one milk

  • Karlson is still not HERE F

  • I'm carrot juice gang... It's tasty

  • Im gonna name my son karlson lol

  • I am drinking chocolate milk

  • can i be oreo and milk gang?

  • Name any milk. Me: oh sure. Me again wow: Coffee milk, chocolate milk, milk, dani's milk eh. And T H I C C MILK. There fell happy yet?

  • Orange juice has milk

  • For ten i fannily get this meme 6:12

  • For ten

  • "You just gotta look at it the right way and anything can be thicc" -dani

  • 🥛

  • 🥛

  • Am I the only one to think that the title is super weird?

  • Dani I found orange juice in my fridge and I grabbed the bottle and put the milk and crashed it with it and that proof milk is awsome

  • Imma name my child: dani milk (last name)

  • Milk + floor is mloor gang

  • i like orange and also milk butt you know what makes oj better??? 7 UP IN IT HAHAAAHAHHA YES IK IM INSANE

  • I drink 10 liters of milk everyday

  • The fact that the yt bitzel replied at twitter and dani didnt care its him

  • Dave is anti milk

  • imagine being allergic to milk CRINGE

  • I don't know why but everytime I watch dani I drink my milk but this time I didn't think I was but I was drinking milk as I thought I wasn't

  • I like milk, cheese, steak

  • 1:08 beanson

  • I drink o juice and vommit 1 sec later

  • but if i drank milk my tummy will die :( (im alergic to it )

  • Hes also bald now

  • What happens If you eat bones?