this needs to stop.

Objavljeno 5. jul. 2020
okay gamers its time to stop
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  • i think im getting the hang of this clickbait thing

  • I’m sorry but I may unsub because the beverage

  • Dani: pls stop...STOP NOW IN GONA DRINK ORANG J. fans: ha ha meme go BRRRRRR

  • Dani:ill make it for console when it's done on the pc Me who only owns a ps4 and switch: *happy orange milk noises*

  • Pls make game on roblox Hell i'll teach u how to

  • Yah i cinba brik orij jes

  • i never thought i would team up with oj

  • I drank oj last night

  • Is it just me or is orange milk gang looking kinda thicc!

  • Wow that was really cool

  • This is the day when we loved Orange juice

  • 0:56 WOW

  • 2:07 The Last Of Us vs Karlson

  • Hell yeah, I can like both and not be beat like billy

  • Listen orange juice gang says that milk is cringe, milk game must fight back

  • If milk gang and OJ gang are now allies who’s the enemy?

  • yay thank you i like orange juice but i think you still cool Insert T H I C C thumbs up

  • *me dani talk roblox a kids game me* roblox is not no not NO T NOT NOT LEGO REEEEEEEEEEEEEE dani 6:28 dani dani we need to talk get in the car get *my friend on roblox* *one for my friend * hej you get the guns? friend 2 ya *dain* hej roblox is a kids game dani in 2m *friend* is he dead now

  • Dani i have a suggestion can't you like release karlson and anounce when your updating it?

  • Dani you peace of shit fuck you betrayer (joke ofc ) i drink oj for long time haha sorry for what i said and ofc i dident mean it

  • is Dani gonna make karlson mobile

  • OMG welp da do got brainwashed

  • Cancel milk gang

  • i drink orange juice with milk O-O

  • If oj is good is billy good?(cuz billy oj gang)

  • Orange milk looks disgusting

  • Can you make karlson in android? Pls (if you finish PC Version)

  • The popular kid at school: I have the new I-phone pro Me: “laughing” but you can't play Dani games

  • It is like the end of World War. Some poeple still think that the war has not ended.

  • I drink orange juice

  • oj bad

  • 1:58 Dani hacking Pentagon using unity particles system

  • Dani joined the beepster team because he thinks that the earth is round Very cool 👍

  • Make orange juice Willy as a secret boss if we beat Willy without getting hit Or maybe not coz war is over

  • Milk gang: phew we finally defeated the last box (Orange juice) Apple Juice Gang: ima bout to end this whole mans career

  • farmers are epic !!!! cows: am i a joke to you


  • 2:59 dani said the words and a tom and jerry movie ad played

  • Roger Cpt.Dani

  • im both milk gamg amd orange juice gang

  • No

  • :O

  • Wait i Was haking rong the holl time


  • if dani likes both milk and OJ how about OJ infused milk?

  • there is yare yare daze in boblox

  • #orangejucegang

  • ither way im alirgic

  • Oj karlson is bad

  • Milk fo brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Top 10 things ultou don't see everyday: Dani make a thumbnail with his office on the background

  • Dani: i am tryyng to get karlson out as soon as i can. Karlson in 2090: yaay guess who is the best selling game

  • the war was finish.....

  • wow this was really cool

  • Dani: orange juice bad memes have to stop Me:Shut shut shut shut shut shut shut shut shut shut shut

  • Hey @Dani I am a rancher and drink goat milk and i am typing with a milk carton

  • O is Dani orange juice

  • wait so whos our next enemy :)

  • I bought the Gucci Banana in MK

  • when devlog??????????????????????

  • Here’s a fact, vitamin c is needed for the development of body tissue but also helps increase the absorption of calcium so we can get strong bones, and that means some of the fans that hate orange juice, is hating on a vitamin that is important for our body to get healthy.

  • Wow that was really cool


  • To be honest i dont like orange juice that much

  • I wonder what apple-milk would taste like?

  • I have iPhone 📱 I can’t download your games

  • what up gaYmers

  • Always drink milk and water

  • milk army exist still

  • da convertible be lookin’ kinda *T* *H* *I* *C* *C* *.*

  • Orange cool, harasment... not so much

  • There alot of scary games in Roblox

  • Hey it's 100 k like

  • I can now drink orange juice in peace.

  • Okidoki . WILLY MORE LIKE WET WILLY , *coughs* sorry for that terrible joke .

  • Wow that was really cool

  • The unthinkable happened

  • Do you know their is another orange SLnumberr named Annoying orange, and he was a milk gang because he like cow as he like milk, check it out.

  • 9:54 my whole life was lie

  • Release your games for Apple

  • P l s L i k e

  • orange juice + Milk = orange milkshake

  • roblox is for kids actually there is like millions of six year olds on the site

  • make roblox game i bet you cant

  • Orange juice is cringe

  • Milk give you T H I I C and orange juice give you 1000000000x upgrade

  • As a orange juice gaming fan, im shocked to see him here lolol

  • Wow that was really cool. The old Dani meme.

  • Guys I have an idea what if orange juice and milk have a baby = Molk

  • I drink orange juice and I don’t like milk but I’m in milk gang becuz I still drink milk even tho I don’t like it. VERY COOL ME.

  • You don't like orange juice? SHUT SHUT

  • The first thing i realized was how wide Dani is in this video

  • *"Oj racism drops to -100%"* Says Politician

  • "One more boss like Willy" Billy?

  • that time people sending me death treat in my gmail for devoloper. because strange reason. because im posting drinking oj. and people mad and find my yt and my dev gmail. i was shock to see 30 gmail. and people say like bad stuff. and i delete my email for devoloper. and i never found the people who send me 30 gmail. f you people who raged brcause im drinking oj

  • Nooooooo no oring gang thats f***ed

  • Wait if billy is in gmod i can download billy from the workshop and use the nuke in my back pocket

  • at 10:03 its a scam the number of danis isnt 1,000,000 its 33x33 which is 1089

  • fan: its fake! Me: i got milk tester here look. see real milk

  • imagine if dani was lactose intolerant