The TRUTH about my Neck...

Objavljeno 26. mar. 2021
okay gamers its time to reveal the secret behind my neck....
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  • Yes milk no orange juice But how about apple juice

  • I have a question: Dani did you program your AI in jelly drift to go where the player has went first (forward or backwards) because i went forward on two maps and your AI followed and on two maps i went backwards and your AI did to afterwards?

  • That wasn't EURO that was PLN

  • Dani more like necki

  • The drill

  • sus

  • 9:50 titanfall vibes

  • (Knock me out with dislikes pls) #teamTheDrill (why am i doing this)

  • #teamWhereNewKarlsonDevlog

  • I drinkd some Milk when I whachd this video


  • I can really use some milk right now

  • COOL

  • pls do bean cosplay realy soon (or you cant do that)

  • 6:07 its polish witch is not even worth 3 euros

  • Karlson in consoles?

  • Why did u not say hit billy and beat ur goddam willy

  • what is the drill?

  • When you drink chunky milk 1:49

  • You should make a game what is 3D and 2D

  • plot twist: his only show 1% long of his neck, the full neck is verryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long

  • me:asks how he breaths in space everybody else:dOnT aSk QuEsTiOnS

  • How do I get a pinned comment?

  • You can’t make a battle Royal

  • He dislike his own video😂

  • Have you heard of Karlson karlson is a game that Dani working on and 10th most wishlist game on steam and we’re to trying hit the number one spot so add it now to your wishlist now gamer

  • All youtuber body proportions jokes Jacksfilms: Forehead Dani: Neck That’s basically it.

  • What drill

  • Hehe Karlson on go BRRR


  • I know why Danis neck is so long ITS BC HE DRINKS ALOT OF MILK🥛

  • Jelly drift is only for true gamer

  • Danis neck is like those terrible mobile ads, it went from lvl 1 noob to lvl 100 boss

  • Sus Bruh

  • plot twist:dani is sponsored by unity's particle system

  • Hey dani so apparently mods dont like wholesome reddit posts lol

  • Did you quit, or are you dead?

  • Dani: Minecraft is easy Me: but Dani you d- Also Dani: SHUT

  • I paused it when he blinked with one eye

  • this is literally the 15th time dani said made a "wow that was really cool" chain....

  • Neck go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  • Freak orang juice gang

  • Tyyyyyyyt

  • POV: You are dani and you didn't upload for 2 month Fans: *okey, get in*

  • Guys If This Video Got 100k Likes Dani Need To Do House Tour!!!!

  • 7:19

  • 3:07 BRUH Roblox is not a game it's a platform and not all the games of Roblox are easy....

  • drill?

  • Yo mama so old,she played Karlsoon

  • Cringe

  • Wow That was very cool

  • Can I have heart?

  • Dani : I mean games these days are to easy you know Kids use to play : Robl- Me : Shut shut Edit : you know dani should try play Roblox impossible obby eheh

  • 6:08 thats 5 PLN, more like 1 Euro xD

  • That’s realy cool

  • Can dani do a game with the darkplaces engine(or any other quake engine)?

  • Stop at 9:00

  • Exposed

  • wait karlson is for money 0:

  • . . . . . . . .. . . . ('-')

  • Umm

  • Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • im confused whats da drill? F### now im gona die

  • I Need Panzers

  • Oh Jake in the video

  • Hey what’s the drill

  • Yes I use UPS. U- Unity's P- Particle S- System

  • The drill. Well it was nice knowing y’all.

  • can you release karlson 2D on google play store

  • Can we get New video

  • Why don't you make a jojo's bizarre adventure game for play store (or you can't do that)

    • He will do it

    • this is a trap

  • Dude I bet his food expires before for it reaches his stomach

  • Make minecraft clone in unity or (you can't?)

  • 4:16

  • Make a game on roblox studio

  • mmk u said roblox was easy but some games are impossible this is a vid of me try ing one

  • Why do you mean that KARLSON should release in 2069?!

  • MILK

  • Dani im tired of waiting KARLSON to come out, can you publish it already?!

  • Yo Dani, is there gonna be a Linux version of Karlson 3D? Hope there is!!!

  • Dani:if you dont post in 1 week u are basicly dead Me, who hasn't posted a vid in 2 years:guess i`ll die

  • 6:07 thats polish zloty (PLN)

  • for some reason, r/danidev removed my post about orange juice even though I said not to hurt him because he's new

  • 6:80 this is pln (we use this in poland) also known as zł

  • p

  • your on 18th most wishlisted :c

  • can you try to make building game (or you cant do that)

  • Make an online fighting game (Or you cant do that)

  • The only reason danis neeeeeeeck can support its own weight is because he drinks milk. And the milk reaches the neck first

  • Cant forget about karlson 1:36 1:45 1:51 3:48 8:55

  • Dani's neck is that long that when he drink milk,milk's date expires

  • Legends say he still mining the *Golden Play Button*

  • Add scopes to karlson Or you cant do that?

  • “family friendly”

  • Haha Dani neck go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Dani: 5 Euro coin Me: 5 Euro Coins Don Not EXIST

  • When is the next meme video coming I've been waiting for too many days and there's no way you can be dead you don't even look like an old person and where is the new karlson davlog I'm not waiting for another 5 months for you to upload the next video and I'm going to ask you again do not do this again or everyone's going to make fun of you being a giraffe and being dead Plus can you drink milk your bones get longer so that's why you are a giraffe someone actually commented that if you drink milk your bones get longer and that's why dani's neck is long where is the new meme video just upload!!!! Now

  • Plot twist: His neck is made out of unitys particle system

  • 6:03 it is 5 zlotys (Polish currency)