Unity Sent me WHAT??

Objavljeno 14. jul. 2020
okay gamers this is very cool thanks unity
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So Unity wanted to send me something, and i gotta say this is quite the epic gamer moment. thanks unity, very cool. also karlson devlogs will bea bit delayed, since im moving soon, and wont have too much time to work on the game. not sure why im writing this here, not like anyone reads descriptions anyway lmao
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  • If anyone doesn’t get it, it’s spelt “udderly” instead of “utterly” because milk comes from cow’s udders and Danis whole channel is basically revolved around milk

  • Make a game on the apple store ( or u can’t )

  • orange juice good? good joke bro good joke

  • Is it just me or this thing Looking kinda THICCC

  • drake format more like fake format

  • oj good!

  • unity cool like what dani says


  • I hear karlson vibe

  • Particle system

  • That’s not euro it’s British pounds

  • Xd

  • Sorry but the fishy army is too strong for us they have 100 million views on their song

  • Without watching the video I know that they gave you a new version if UnItY pArTiClE sYsTeM to use on Karlson...Oh you dont know what Karlos is? ItS lIkE tHe MoSt WiShLiStEd GaMe On StEaM

  • He doesn’t have 1 mill subs yet though :(

  • Is it just me or is that bubble wrap looking kinda thicc

  • They sent u a piece of bread......... Edit: the thumbnail

  • Me when I saw the thumbnail: beans wait is it just me or is this bean in the thumbnail looking kinda THICK EDIT: it wasn’t bean but it was THICK

  • Did anyone else realise he said euros and not pounds


  • Me: trying the unity particle system link Dani said My virus protector: we've blocked a virus Me: 😲😬

    • @TheAwesome98 lmao, it BLOCKED it, so I don't have any virus on my pc now 😁

    • cringe you need antimalware


  • there is a new enemy, milks cousin. OAT MILK

  • no fucking way it a ..... cease and desist order

  • Drake format? More like GAY format

  • Wait but you don’t have 1 mill yet

  • 1:22 his face lol

  • orange juice gang: hates milk gang milk gang: hates orange juice gang me who likes orange juice and milk at the same time: my goals are beyond your understanding

  • "yea, yea, cool trophy thing, LOOK AT THIS FUCKIN BOX MY GUY" dani is a cat confirmed

  • if i get 200000000 likes i will drink milk

  • Billy should be final boss

  • Qmelk or Tine which one dani.

  • The atoms were constructed with unity's particle system

  • me: ima drink russain milk :me: T H I C C C C C C C

  • That is unity partical system😂😂

  • Me: Playing BEANSON Dani: Playing THICCSON


  • Did unity send you UnItYs PaRtIcLe SyStEm

  • Hahaha unity go brrrrrrr

  • Omg I’m never downloading Karlson you idiot I renamed it to Beanson If you’ve ever been on r/wooosh then let me explain, ITS A JOKE

  • unity sent me..... unity sent me..... Unity sent me their new particle system.

  • 42069

  • dani: gets an award also dani: look at the box

  • 4:43 That is pound but ok

  • Me:wait...the Russian milk is vodka? Russia:always has been

  • This video is T H I C C

  • Can we get 1 MIL likes on this comment so we can break youtube also🥛

  • Wow that was really cool 👍

  • One of the most watched music videos I have ever seen is kakai kitan, and never gonna give you up

  • “Before we open this package I would like to tell you about a game I’m working on called Karlson go wish list it now gamers to help me get to number 1 wish listed ”

  • is it only me or this unity system looking kinda THICC

  • Dani: Gets trophy from unity Also Dani: Look at this cool box tho

  • dani: oH dAT Sso KooLL BuT LOOk bOx

  • if i stay too long in vr i get dizzy then i get some oj and im not dizzy

  • wow that pretty cool

  • Dani are smart enough to now this Appelsinjuice bra!!!!!!


  • Search hentai collection :)

  • make discord server

  • what happened to the drill? dont try this at home

  • unity bannana

  • It should have white dye or white stained glass in the trophy thing to look like milk

  • Fun fact the first game i managed to download from a wedsite was karlson not dull version cua its not out

  • My dog is orange juice gang

  • c o n g r a t s

  • orange juce good

  • I wish they sent him a particle system award

  • HE HAS WATER ON HIS DESK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice Norwegian gress

  • Uhm.. did Dani lose a lot of subs because of the truce? He doesn’t have 1 mil subs anymore..

  • Balls? on apple pls!!!!!!!!!!

  • He seems like Infinite so much but idk why

  • 5:34 i think that is a jojo reference. I think the real one is "I have achhieved heaven" or something

  • They didint send the particles, 1/10 unsubscribed disliked deleted account deleted chrome burned computer reported the channel ate dog shit threw a glass of milk out of the window

  • Fun fact: the MilkBox can play games at infiniteK instead of 8k and it has a Thiccabyte of ram yeah your welcome

  • orange juc bad

  • Unity sent non fatness for your M O M

  • I should make a documentary on how wow that was really cool came to be

  • Which was cooler? Box or Trophy Personally I like the box more

  • I love how it's censored in the thumbnail.

  • Dani:Unity Sent me WHAT?? Me: the unity particle system


  • Wtf is that dani2

  • Title: Unity Sent Me WHAT? Me: *Reads Title* UnItY's PaRtIcLe SyStEm.

  • Who taught you knife skills?

  • “Wow that was really cool”

  • I am jooce king bow before me milksons

  • 5:41 i laughed slightly at this

  • 6:02 orange juice bad

  • me that also knowns what is inside the box at the start:wow im actually pretty curious! my mind:ARGH,disgusting ( *scream that is cut in half* )

  • Cool

  • Loop

  • My school has unity’s particle system on the pcs there

  • Unity sent you unitys particle system 2.0

  • Can you make a stand game from JoJo )or you can’t ??!?!?!?!?!??!!??(

  • Moby Huge

  • i know about og and milk being allys but what about SODA, OR APPLE JUICE GRAPE JUICE ?????"??!!!!!!!!!!!

  • When unity gives you a unity particle FIRE PARTICLE

  • Dude look what unity sent me XD slnumber.info/wiev/enzcqNezeHWqg9Q/video.html

  • Who agrees that there should have been unity's particle system in the glass trophy/boner/Gucci banana