[R E V I B E]

Objavljeno 21. avg. 2020
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Dani - 7 Days to Make a Game, But I Only Have 3 Days
➤Music by Neo Nomen - slnumber.info/wiev/gpSoYK6Senh1jsw/video.html
Also check out [K A R L S O N V I B E] for more vibe:
[R E V I B E]


  • okay gamers can we make this the most watched music video on youtube? also new vid on main channel - slnumber.info/wiev/iWemnJt6hoR8Zq4/video.html

  • bro this is fire

  • Dani to Neo Nomen : Rose's are red Violets are blue This song no longer belongs to you

  • this is stupid not* if you say "not*" it does not mean anything

  • Why red boys?!?!

  • me: looks at elipesey warning my headphones: *chuckles* im in danger

  • Sick and btw orange juice is cringe


  • When humans find aliens:

  • When your dad hits you cuz you ate his painkillers but you dont feel the pain

  • All Jokes Besides... Is It Just Me Or That Character Lookin Kinda *T H I C C*

  • when you succeed in the test without studying

  • Best classical music i heard of

  • My Friend: leaves the room and forgets to mute his mic in discord. Me: Plays R E V I B E Really loudly My Friend: Leaves the call. Me: Misson done

  • Ye

  • Dude be looking like a rip off of TABS

  • Me when I play RE:RUN

  • This song slaps tbh

  • Wow that's second really cool👍

  • Not gonna lie tho but this is kinda a jam

  • You already have heard of Karl's on vibe now get ready for *R E V I B E*

  • when u eat all the milk in ur father sock and then go play karlson 64 and then u get smashed by arrows

  • cant wait to show this one to my nephew

  • Amagen revibe is oringe juice and Karlson vibe is milk

  • it’s from rerun lol

  • [R E V I B E] 2.0

  • When i finally finished my home work Me:

  • Bruh if u hear closely revibe is louder than karlson vibe lol

  • vibin

  • Me blasting this with my speakers at full volume

  • When thanos snaps but your taken to the wrong place:

  • vibe again

  • literally no one noticed that it literally zooms at the thing...

  • Is it me, or are those orange people looking kinda.. [T H I C C]

  • The fact that the camera is like always zooming on his crotch makes me feel weird

  • Now this a certified hood classic like if you agree gamers



  • When you pass the drug test without studying:

  • Bruh I love this!

  • Haha yes dancing red boys go brrrr This song makes me go *yes*

  • Jett revibe me

  • The T H I C C red boy always comes T H I C C whennn screen goes zoomm

  • The music is very... THICC

  • This song makes me yes

  • This is literally me when I drink milk lol

  • Karlson vibe is gonna have a new enemy


  • When I drink Milk be like.

  • SLnumber recommendation strikes again :D

  • Honestly this track just bangs

  • Oh my good more epilep......

  • B O N E R

  • This is water gang blessed by milk gang

  • Vibing to this at night My parents are gonna kill me *im in danger hehe*

  • is it just me or thees characters looking kinda T H I C K

  • this is N O I C E, G O O D J O B B O N E R !

  • Is it just me or these ragdols looks kinda ThIcK

  • I think this one is better than karlson vibe

  • the camera was zooming in on charcter's ebvwjbdsjadsbjEAFBWESDBVJSBdVJHBSJVBASJBVHJDBVRRVDAFDFBVFDBV at 1:01

  • Amazing

  • The movements are very SUS Edit: I just remembered about the drill


  • “Help my brother is dancing on the floor”

  • Me when i get a world record Dark Souls 3 speedrun

  • wut is this... should i join milk gang or orange juice?

  • when I killed 100 ender dragons:

  • me when i got too lvl 50 in TDS:

  • Remember, wishlist Karlson on steam, only real gamers will

  • hey mom can we karlson vibe? No, we have karlson vibe at home. karlson vibe at home:

    • revibe is better than karlson vibe in my opinion

  • Me and the boys when we steal mom's credit card to buy milk

  • IM chillin with this 🤤

  • Not going to lie this is actually a BOP

  • speedrun music.exe

  • When the TABS characters eat too many *beans*

  • _when you pass the iq test and didn't review_

  • Is it just me, or is that orange guy looking kinda THINN

  • [K A R L S O N V I B E] vibes

  • this is so good

  • Poggers

  • this is epic gamers

  • my brother liked this so much he is dancing on the floor

  • rEvIbE

  • When you topped without studying

  • Is this available on Spotify

  • I love it!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

  • Twins Dani XD

  • oh, nice

  • My Dad grounded me for loking at red bois

  • He looks kinda...

  • Why did you ruin this perfect song!

  • Me: *sleeps* My next door neighbor:

  • This one is my fav im legit vibing to it

  • Sick.

  • Friend : Why do you need new headphones? Me :

  • Ears go *epilepsy sound noise*

  • revibe revib revi rev re r re rev revi revib revibe

  • Karlson vibe 2: electric boogaloo