Why I'm Not Uploading

Objavljeno 29. sep. 2020
okay gamers this is why i havent been uploading recently
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so yeah i just been busy making videos for the main channel and working on karlson, also kinda repetitive just doing reddit videos all the time, so if you have any suggestions for other videos, let me know bois okay cool
New video on main channel about fall guys go watch very epic :)
Dani - I Made Fall Guys in 1 Week... and Tricked Them to Think it's Real!
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  • smash subscribe or i dont upload more

  • IT'S A ZOMBIE!!!!!

  • Why you don't make karlson in mobile (or you can't do it)

    • * Phone explodes for the too much thiccness *

  • make roblox

  • Suggestion:React to ur old videos



  • What's up gamers

  • Early

  • why dont u try done karlson in 1 week (or u cant do that)

  • its is me or this video its kinda normal

  • Bonners: Oh Viewer of the vent, what is your wisdom? Viewer of the vent: Dani doesn't want to spoil Karlson's story and he needs time to create content so we should respect that. Bonners: That is a good wisdom

  • Dani is dead

  • frick u upload again

  • **dani clips**

  • 19th most wishlisted game: Karlson

  • you should find a partner to make karlson

  • Um currently drinking Chocolate milk

  • petition for dani to change his second channel name to danithiccman

  • 2:31 Karlson Remake :)

  • 6:27 wow that was really cool

  • Dani,how you talk and explain was fun,thats why i watch your vids

  • 0:58 badass dani

  • Keyboard go brrrrrrrrrr!

  • the danitortals only have 2 vids :(

  • Game devs: Ok, to the testers and SLnumberrs lets add some free Steam keys and hide them very well Dani: "bois", "lol" and I'm going to leak them in a video

  • i dont want a karlson devlog, i want a off the sticks devlog

  • Wow that was Really cool

  • 0:58

  • My question- IS KARLSON GOING TO BE PAID!?????

  • i gotta sugestion beani

  • Day 1 telling Dani to do "YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE "

  • i guess Dani is dead

  • karlson vibe disco room leak from karlson game

  • Petition to add pipes for transporting billy

  • My keybord goes brrrrrrr: udhfhdtbg vcxiug dj4hsvandhjcuigxjdeh asdcyinuzxdhjb ejchvj bivhucfsjnkcfxdgcux ghc hc dfg uiogffgh

  • Wow that was rlly cool

  • Bro i don't have a Pc so I can't wishlist it on steam and do not know very much about games

  • Wait hes ded :)

  • I din´t Wishlist KARLSON 😈

  • Make a game using only Unity's particle system (And you can)

  • I can't wichlist I'm sorry

  • My favorite sound of all time 6:47

  • i wishlist Karlson when u sayd that for the first time lol

  • Be patient for the pro game developer. Karlson is coming.

  • Wait what its on 22nd now but last time my post was in the video and it said 11th

  • Suggestion:re make the game minecraft


    • Fortnite and pubg is ded and I don't think he will sub to u kiddo

  • Dani:0:26 Me REDDIT VIDS

  • Lol

  • i came back to watch again and for some reason i disliked?! i liked instantly not sure how or why

  • bean

  • Make a game without a character. (Or u can't do that?)

  • Haha the subscribers go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Haha bean go brrrrrrrr

  • grapple sword!?!?!?!

  • Do a tier list video of the most popular games.


  • I made a steam account just to wishlist karlson on steam

  • dani 1 million subs dani be like beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • 10:15 Thank me later?

  • What you are make. A 5d. Game You cannot do that

    • Can you make a. 5d game Are you cannot do that

  • Would you niga

  • Won't you just make a.

  • Won't you just make a.

  • Won't you just make a.

  • why did dani have a echo on 8:12/8:13

  • Sadly I can't wish list because I don't own the laptop or PC😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

    • You can wishlist without a computer

  • Remember that every game starts off as a bean

  • dani : roses r red voilets r blue smash sub or I smash u

  • why don't you try doing a karlson devlog (or you can't do that)

  • make a unity's particle system tutorial (or u can't do that)


  • The fact that this video has 404 dislikes is just an error

  • why don't you make a game for switch for free (or you can't do that)

    • @Salade MC_switch games make me : YES so yes,you're right inspector.

    • Fun fact u said it cuz u want amothet switch game I am right?

  • why don't you try to make a roblox game (or you can't do that)

  • Dani: Not trying to spoil things Also Dani: *Showing evrything he is adding to the game*

  • 8:23 i think he deserves a thicc thumbs up that animation was good

  • this is the exact thumbnail of mrbeasts video where he signs his merch

  • video idea: MORE TUTORIALS!!!!

  • Make a horror game (or you can't do that?)

  • make minecraft lp hardcore

  • Is he one of the bruhify army just look at his shirt

  • Yep particle system vid soon

  • 694k hmm nice

  • 699.911 wiews, noice

  • Why don't you try to make undertale game (or you can't do that)

  • Mack a rpg gun for krolson

  • rip dani he ded boi lad

  • 699K subs E P I C

  • Bruh

  • Suggestion: behind the scenes

  • 4:43 It's not Arigatou Senpai (I think that's what he said) it's Arigatou Gosaimas...

  • I'm bored, so let's start a fight in the comments! (BTW I still haven't wishlisted Karlson on Steam.)

  • I finally wishlist karlson HAHAHAHA

  • Suggestion for merch!: tiny Dani in pocket

  • BeAn without milk:dead BeAn with milk:alive and ladys and gentelmen that is why milk is life

  • Dani:wishlist me:I don’t have a steam Account

  • make a game only using unity's practical system i bet my whole house of milk

  • Why your nose like that now